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This book isn't just about me sharing my own story - my hope is to share many women’s stories (and the men who walk hand in hand by their side). And that together we can change the narrative around infertility and pregnancy loss.

I would love to hear from anyone who's experienced infertility and / or pregnancy loss - regardless of how their story has played out.

My goal is to represent as many different perspectives as possible about people's own experiences of their journey - whether current or past, whether successful or not. All and any experiences ‘count’.
As well as more general questions about the overall experience of infertility and / or pregnancy loss, the questionnaire also includes sections for primary infertility, secondary infertility, donor conception, surrogacy, parenting after infertility, adoption after infertility, as well as moving on from trying to conceive. And by ‘pregnancy loss’, that includes the full spectrum of experiences - everything from miscarriage, ectopic or molar pregnancies, terminations for medical reasons or stillbirth.

I've put together a questionnaire to enable you to contribute your story, anonymously if you so wish.  Anything you share may be published in the finished book - all and any contributions are very gratefully received. 

You can save each section as you go, but not individual responses to each question : some people have said they found it helpful to compose their answers offline and then copy and paste them into the survey in one go when they were ready - so you can think about the answers in your own time (and no issues with losing things in browser crashes or similar.)


This questionnaire is for any woman who has gone through the experience of infertility and / or pregnancy loss, irrespective of which partner may have received a diagnosis (if any)

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This is for any man who has gone through the experience of infertility and / or pregnancy loss - irrespective of whether they've had a specific male factor diagnosis or not

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Please, please do share the links to the questionnaires with friends, on fertility forums, social media - the more stories the better.

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